As a photographer, there may be times when we discover ourselves stuck in a creative rut; or we find it difficult to make decisions about our work and don’t know how to move forward. Whenever this happened to me, I sought the opinions of people that I trusted and asked them for advice on my images. Without regularly asking for help with my pictures, I wouldn’t have had the career that I’ve had so far.


I passionately believe that good critiques, given with respect, humility, and honesty, are the quickest way of improving your work. A fresh pair of eyes, disconnected from any emotional attachment to the image, can see things which the photographer misses. A critique should always be positive and push the photographer forward. I'm proud of the number of photographers that regularly ask me to assess their latest work and it's hugely rewarding to witness the constant improvement in their pictures.

If you think that I can help you become a better photographer, please get in touch. I'd be delighted to take a look at your work and help you find your voice.

"I approached Jeff a couple of years ago and chose him from the many photographers I found to be offering critiques based upon the consistency of his style and the enduring quality of his work. At the time I was feeling overwhelmed with the task of taking photographs at weddings and underwhelmed with what I was producing. I was shooting blindly with no real intention or idea about what I was doing or how I was approaching the job.

I initially felt a bit intimidated showing my work to Jeff but without judgment he spent time talking me through my collection of images. Drawing on the strengths and weaknesses that I demonstrated, he explained to me why a particular photo stood out based on its merits, and using the same reasoning broke down why other pictures didn’t work. These were concepts that I’d never considered or understood before, despite recognising this discipline within other photographers’ work that I admired, I had no idea about how to attempt to replicate any of that sophistication in my own.

I have been fortunate enough to receive Jeff’s input on a yearly basis and through each critique and in relation to my growing level of understanding, Jeff has been able to coach and direct me on my camera technique and control within different environments and situations, my position as a photographer in relation to the subject, my post production and my ability to see and construct a potential photograph. I think when I first enquired about Jeff’s critiques it mentioned on his site that other photographers who had received his help had subsequently seen the quality of their work go through the roof. I never expected to share that experience, but compared with what I was taking, the quality of my work has exceeded the ceiling that I thought that I was capable of, and this is directly attributed to the input that I have received from Jeff."

Alex Abbott



A personal and completely confidential 1-2-1 session with Jeff via Skype. All genres of photography are welcome, but Jeff has a particular speciality within the wedding and street disciplines. Each session will explore your strengths and weaknesses with suggestions and practical advice on how to make you a better photographer.


Each two hour session costs £195.

Please contact Jeff personally in the first instance so that we can arrange a mutual time to chat.